Made locally in Belle Plaine, Minnesota!

Fleece with Flair started as a simple design idea by Carrie Traxler in 2008. As the design was developed, and ultimately created, she fervently started production in order to sell at local craft shows in the Southwest Suburbs of Minneapolis, MN.  People started to quickly catch on to how soft, warm and comfortable her mittens are.


All of the mittens are made locally with only the use of cutting templates, sewing machines and hard-working sewers. Carrie personally designs each mitten to ensure the look is absolutely perfect and coordinated. Her team of sewers then combine all the necessary material to create a quality product down to the last stitch.


In 2011, Liza Farm joined the Fleece With Flair team and the duo made their debut at Canterbury Craft Show, which is the largest craft show in Minnesota with an annual showing of 28,000-30,000 people coming in to find the next best craft item. After two successful years at Canterbury, Carrie took the last two years off to raise her two young boys. While they are both still in diapers, she is ready to produce new mitten designs and look for additional venues to sell their mittens. Ironically, Liza is now is expecting her first child in June, so it will be a busy fall!


Carrie and Liza look forward to seeing their devoted FWF fans at Canterbury in November 2015! If you can't wait until November, please see the "Where to Buy" section.

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